Mille Miglia 2017 mit Kienle Automobiltechnik: 1.600 Kilometer Fahrspaß und Abenteuer
Mille Miglia 2017 mit Kienle Automobiltechnik: 1.600 Kilometer Fahrspaß und Abenteuer
Als Mille Miglia-Hauptsponsor konnte Kienle Automobiltechnik seinen Kunden auch in diesem Jahr wieder fünf Startplätze bei der legendären Italien-Rundfahrt für Oldtimer – und damit exklusive Fahrerlebnisse – anbieten.
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Mercedes-Benz DB 600 SE - V12


Bodenseeklinkik Dr. Mang

Welcome to Kienle Automobiltechnik,

the world’s largest independent firm of restorers for classic Mercedes-Benz cars.

The Kienle credo:

Perfect work, uncompromising quality, reliable customer service. According to the best Mercedes-Benz standards.

Perfection, precision, passion

are the core principles of our work. The result: 100% quality. Mercedes-Benz cars offer perfect technology, excellent quality and sustained reliability.

Anyone who restores classic Mercedes-Benz cars must strive for perfection, precision and passion. With their in-depth knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, understanding of the history and their attention to detail, Kienle Automobiltechnik are experts at breathing the life back into Mercedes-Bank classic cars in keeping with high Mercedes-Benz standards.

Gottlieb Daimler’s maxim "The Best or Nothing" is the guiding principle for Kienle Automobiltechnik too. Which is why “Kienle-restored” has become an international seal of quality. The restoration of Mercedes-Benz classic cars is our passion.

But we offer a whole lot more on top of that:

  • Buying, selling and brokering of high-class classic Mercedes-Benz cars
  • Buying, selling and brokering of Mercedes-Benz modern classics 
  • Selling new Mercedes-Benz cars
  • Selling spare parts for Mercedes-Benz classic cars from our huge stock of historic parts 
  • Using Kienle innovations to optimise the everyday driving qualities and safety of Mercedes-Benz classic cars 
  • Fitting special extras into Mercedes-Benz classic cars
  • Accessories for Mercedes-Benz classic cars
  • Customer service, maintenance, repairs of Mercedes-Benz classic cars
  • Advice about buying a Mercedes-Benz classic car – up front and at the time of purchase
  • On the spot service and repairs at classic car rallies
  • Preparing customers’ cars for rallies
  • Delivering in-depth expertises and reports for Mercedes-Benz classic cars

Kienele Calendar 2018

Kienle Calendar 2018


Mille Miglia 2018
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