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Mercedes Benz 280 SL Pagode - Hardtop mit Schiebedach !

Mille Miglia 2017 mit Kienle Automobiltechnik: 1.600 Kilometer Fahrspaß und Abenteuer
Mille Miglia 2017 mit Kienle Automobiltechnik: 1.600 Kilometer Fahrspaß und Abenteuer
Als Mille Miglia-Hauptsponsor konnte Kienle Automobiltechnik seinen Kunden auch in diesem Jahr wieder fünf Startplätze bei der legendären Italien-Rundfahrt für Oldtimer – und damit exklusive Fahrerlebnisse – anbieten.

Bodenseeklinkik Dr. Mang

The Company

The Best or Nothing

Four words are enough to encapsulate Kienle Automobiltechnik’s philosophy: The Best or Nothing.

This maxim, the one that served Gottlieb Daimler as his credo all those years ago, and which has recently been made the slogan for the Mercedes-Benz brand, has also been the benchmark and the gold standard for company head Klaus Kienle, his two sons Alexander and Marc and the more than 80 staff ever since the company was founded in 1984.

This philosophy is reflected in the classic Mercedes-Benz cars restored at Kienle Automobiltechnik; their down-to-the-last-detail authenticity and perfect craftsmanship and workmanship are impressive.

Precision – Perfection - Passion

The first-class quality of the work done at Kienle Automobiltechnik is the result of the know-how of the Kienle specialists, who concentrate solely on restoring top-end classic Mercedes-Benz cars. No wonder, then, that “Kienle-restored” is a synonym for top quality and is seen among experts as a definite hallmark of excellence.

“Kienle-restored” is a guarantee for perfect work right down to the last detail. The quality seal means that you can be sure of making a safe investment. Company founder Klaus Kienle stands behind that promise with his good name.

A One-Stop Shop

Another mainstay of the philosophy of this Heimerdingen-based family-run company, and the secret of its success, is their insistence on doing all the different stages of the restoration process themselves. This guarantees top-class work, and nothing but top-class work.

Kienle Automobiltechnik is organised like a small, largely autonomous carmaker, with the following departments:

  • Body shop
  • Joinery/upholstery
  • Engine construction with test bed
  • Auto electronics
  • Spare parts and procurement
  • Mechanics and tool construction
  • Final assembly, finishing 
  • Sales and brokerage.

The only stage of the process that is farmed out is the paint-spraying. Kienle has a contract with a specialist paint shop that works exactly according to Kienle quality specifications.

“Our success speaks for itself,” says Klaus Kienle, adding: “Many of our customers bring cars to us that have been botched by other restorers, asking us to put things right. And when we’re done they’re happy” – yet more evidence of the quality of the work done at Kienle.

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