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Kienle Service: Classic Car Transportation

Don’t waste your time bringing your classic car into the workshop or picking it up there. Kienle Automobiltechnik offer a collection-and-return service – at reasonable prices and at top Kienle quality.

Restoring cars professionally is about more than the excellent craftsmanship alone that results in a classic car that is restored to perfect original condition. We at Kienle Automobiltechnik believe that a complete customer service package should include even more: We see it as our job to look after the valuable cars entrusted to our care from start to fi nish. This means that, besides off ering comprehensive pre-restoration advice and regular post-restoration servicing for the car, we also make sure that our customers’ cars reach the workshop in Heimerdingen safely and that they are returned safe and sound to their owner once they’ve been restored. At the special request of customers, we don’t only use the services of specialised transport companies. While they can also get your car safely from A to B in an enclosed transporter, Kienle Automobiltechnik can off er you and your classic car a personal service: We guarantee that your pride and joy will be transported on its own, in a special, enclosed trailer – Europe-wide, wherever and whenever you wish. Punctually, discreetly and quickly. To Heimerdingen to be restored or for its regular service, and back home afterwards, or to Brescia for the Mille Miglia. And all that at very competitive rates. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to provide you with further information.
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